Create and Send Personalized Picture Cards Through InCom Mail App

At times, we have so much to say, but words betray us. That’s when pictures and hand illustrated doodles convey the unsaid. Our personalized cards do just that – speak volumes in a few words.

We have created our picture card templates that are a perfect blend of emotion, occasion, and articulation. This makes the process easy and fun.

Here’s how to create and send your personalized picture card:

  1. Open the app and click on “Picture Card”.
  2. Enter a card title for easy future reference.
  3. The picture card template is available in two formats, flat and folded. The flat picture card is like a postcard with a picture on one side, while the folded one has three sides to add images.
  4. The next step is to add images to the card. The app provides four options for the same:
    a) Click a picture from your phone’s camera and add it directly.
    b) Choose an image from our image library stocked with a diverse range specific to occasions, emotions, events, etc.
    c) You can also add images directly from your Facebook, Instagram, and phone gallery.
  5. Time to add text. The app also has many beautiful stationary and border options that are sure to beautify your picture card.
  6. Now write your message. It can be as personal or heartfelt as you would like it to be. Just make sure that it is well within the character limit of 350 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  7. The picture card is available with an envelope which would have your address printed on it.
  8. Preview the picture card and do the final checks. Use the Edit button present in the top-right corner, if edits are needed for design or content.
  9. Once the picture card is what you desire to send, check out. There is another preview at the checkout to confirm that you are processing the right picture card.
  10. At the checkout, the server will redirect you to the payment window, where you can choose from the various payment options available.
  11. Sit back and relax as your personalized picture card brightens up the day of your loved one.

Usage of bright, colorful and personalized pictures will not only help your loved one feel closer to home but would also give them even more hope and joy than just the words within a letter.

With our custom created list of picture cards, you will never fall short of words. So, if you have a family member or a friend who is incarcerated, quickly craft and send them a picture card through the InCom Mail app. You will be making a world of difference to their day.

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