Creating and Sending a Picture Letter through InCom Mail App

Bringing joy to someone’s life is something that is just as rewarding to you as it is to them.

Letters, from good times past, have been a major mode of communication. The art of letter writing not only helps in putting your deepest and truest emotions on paper, but it’s also a thousand times more meaningful and personal than a simple text message.

They say, a letter is all but a talk on paper. So, while writing one to your loved ones who are incarcerated make sure your words bring out your deepest emotions and convey the message fully. You can be as informal, intimate and breezy as you would be if they were with you in person.

Our letter templates are created keeping in mind, both the sender and the receiver, providing you an opportunity to reconnect with your loved one.

Creating and sending a heartfelt letter to the inmates is fun and simple. Follow these easy steps and create your personalized letter:

  1. Open the app and click on letter template.
  2. Add letter title. Your letter title is the name you assign to the respective letter that you are creating, so you can easily find it later.
  3. Now, get to writing. It can be as personal or heartfelt as you would like it to be. Just make sure that it is well within the character limit of 5000 characters, including spaces and punctuation. However, if you wish to write more, you can do so by paying a small fee of 0.99 cents for an additional 1,000 characters.
  4. Add your address so that your loved one can know about the wonderful person brightening their day, i.e., you. The back of the letter that contains your address also lets you add design to it, giving you the liberty to add image and personalize your letter as per your desire.
  5. Preview the letter. In case, you wish to add or delete certain elements, you can use the edit button in the top-right corner to do the same.
  6. After the letter has been created as per your expectations, you can check out. There’s also another preview at the checkout to confirm that you’re processing the right letter.
  7. Upon checkout, the server redirects you to the payment option, where you can choose from various payment options available.
  8. Sit back and relax as your letter brings a smile on the face of your loved one.

Your letters are like a ray of sunshine in the lives of those who are incarcerated. Make sure that you stick to the character limit and put forward your message in a crisp and clear manner, evoking the emotions that you wish to convey.

If you have a family member or a friend serving their sentence, send them a picture letter today through InCom Mail app and add joy to their day.

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