Creating and sending a postcard through InCom Mail app

There is nothing like creating the sweet nostalgia and making someone remember you through the warmth and love of your words. Postcards have always been an evergreen source of communication since time immemorial. A perfect balance of picture and words, that evokes the sweet nostalgia and makes our heart grow fonder towards the sender of the postcard.

Our postcard templates are curated thoughtfully keeping in mind, both the sender and the receiver, providing an opportunity to the inmates to reconnect with their beloved family members and friends.

Creating and sending a postcard to the inmates is fun and simple. Follow these easy steps and create your personalized postcards:

  1. Open the app and click on postcard template.
  2. Add postcard title. Your postcard title is the name you assign to the respective postcard that you are creating, so you can find it later easily.
  3. Now add an image to your postcard. The app provides four options for same:
    a) You can take a picture from the camera of your phone and add it directly.
    b) You can choose an image of your liking from the image library. It has a diverse range specific to occasions, emotions, events, etc.
    c) You can also add images directly from your Facebook, Instagram, and phone gallery.
  4. Time to add text and border. The app has many beautiful border options that are sure to beautify your postcard.
  5. Now write your message. It can be as personal or heartfelt as you’d like to be. Just make sure that it is well within the character limit of 350 characters, including spaces and punctuation.
  6. Add your address so that your loved one can know about the wonderful person brightening their day, i.e., you. The back of the postcard, where you fill in your address also has 4 different design options, giving you the liberty to add image and personalize your postcard as per your desire.
  7. Preview the postcard. In case, you wish to add or delete certain elements, you can use the edit button on the top right corner to do the same.
  8. After the postcard has been created as per your expectations, you can check out. There’s also another preview at the checkout to confirm that you’re processing the right postcard.
  9. Upon checkout, the server redirects you to the payment option, where you can choose from various payment options available.
  10. Sit back and relax as your postcard brings a smile on the face of your beloved.

Your messages are like a ray of sunshine in the lives of the inmates. Make sure that your stick to the character limit and put forward your message in a crisp and clear manner, evoking the emotions that you wish to convey.

Usage of bright, colorful and personalized pictures will not only help them feel closer to home but would also encourage them to channelize their thoughts in a wise way.

If you have a family member or a friend serving sentence in a prison, send them a postcard through InCom Mail app and add love, positivity and happiness to their day.

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